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N. Kerasounta, Filippiada, 48200, Tel.: 2683041610





In September 2002 the company relocated to its newly built and privately owned facilities in Nea Kerasounta, Filippiada. With its new premises and facilities, the company’s activities truly took off as it took advantage of the new 800-square-metre storage area where cereals, balancers, medicines, vaccines, nutrition supplements for animals and various machines and other equipment for the stable facilities are stored. Apart from pig farming, in recent years the company has significantly developed its sheep and goat health department by marketing new improved medicines and vaccines.

Therefore, the current investment has resulted in the creation of a special, independent division for the various animal species (pigs, cattle, sheep and goats). The company’s vision for future investment projects also includes the development of the veterinary sector of birds and will naturally include meat distribution and marketing activities.


ABOUT THE COMPANY Epirus Swine Enterprises S.A. (ESE S.A.) began operating in November 1997 on a rented property in Filippiada, Preveza, and was the outcome of the partnership of 22 pig farmers from the wider region of Arta and Filippiada. Having the form of a public limited company (société anonyme), this cooperation’s initial aim was the joint procurement ...

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